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Team Building event Kathmandu

Team Building Events in Kathmandu

Two team building events successfully conducted within a month in Kathmandu. Mice in Nepal facilitated both the team building events in two different venues of Kathmandu, Nepal. First event of team building was organized in Yak and Yeti Hotel on 28th March 2024 where more than 80 participants took part in the event. And, the participants of the event were staff and stakeholders of BIXAL organization working in Nepal.

Similarly, second event was conducted in Chandragiri Hill Resort Kathmandu in partnership with BIO Media and Entertainment Ltd, India. Renowned CIPLA company staff and representatives had enjoyed the team building exercise during their company organized tour. During the buildings events, many creative games and exercises were took place. Those are intended to create belief among the staff and to develop effective communication skills. More than ten different team building games/ dance were conduced during the events. Where, every game has its own value to build all as a one team. Team building exercises helped participants to create synchronization among the participants. Similarly, some exercises assist them to explore the innovative ideas while they face the trouble or problem. On the other hand, some of the team building practices helped participants to learn role of effective communication for the success of any task/ project.

All the participants had taken part actively during both team building exercise. Moreover, they were energized and motivated to work harder with team spirit for the organizational and person growth.


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